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Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Industrial Hygiene on Healthcare Infectious Control

The increased awareness of healthcare infection control has identified major issues and concerns:
  1. Soaring Patient infection rates;
  2. The rise of Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROS);
  3. Workers exposed to and becoming ill from infectious agents; and
  4. Rising costs (penalties) associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Industrial Hygiene Evaluation
  1. Air Monitoring and surface monitoring, agents to sample and target sites;
       · Patient infectious: TB, Chicken pox, Measles, SARS and MRSA;
       Environmental infectious:  Legionella, fungi, aspergillous and
       Airborne particulates
  2. Environmental viability, Exposure Routes and Pathways;
  3. Infection dose and Incubation period;
  4. Organism size, mass and density;
  5. Lethality, Treatment and communicability; and
  6. Industrial Hygiene controls.
       · Ventilation
       · Filtration
       · Irradiation
       · Chemical gases
       · Environmental isolation
Building Commissioning
  1. Air Monitoring for baseline measurements;
  2. Ventilation for baseline information; and
  3. Contamination control baseline measurements;
  4. Review Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE); and
  5. Review of Personnel Training 

General Environmental, Health & Safety
  1. Compliance Management Assistance
  2. Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation Gap Analysis
  3. Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) Implementation Gap Analysis
  4. EMS & OHSMS Development Assistance
  5. Compliance Audit (Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, Process Safety, Risk Management)
  6. MSDS Management
  7. Contingency & Emergency Response Planning
  8. Training (EPA, OSHA, DOT for shippers, HAZWOPER, Environmental Management, Safety



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